Why Choose Us


We aspire to seek comfort and convenience in everything we do, and as the human race is evolving with every passing day, we are trying to find myriads of ways that can offer us that comfort and ease. Exactly like the other kinds of services that you can access easily on the internet, the professional packing and moving services too are easy to avail at your doorstep. Your relocation plans should not affect your work or life because you deserve a helping hand who can relieve you from this humongous task that involves extreme physical labour and preparation. However, a bigger question that needs to be asked in this context is why Parizaad. When you have multiple expert packers and movers around you, why would you choose us? It is primarily because we will be there to help you through your planning, proper packing, and loading.

You can find the details of all the services we provide in our comprehensive brochure. We intend to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our unique and professional approach. Extreme attention to detail is given with personalised care so that you do not have to worry about the shipment of your belongings even for a second. In fact, we give you complete control of your shipments.

A representative employee visits your home for a survey to provide you with an estimated cost of the move after performing the household survey. You are advised to beware of quotes given over the phone.

The way you describe your articles and the way a moving company may perceive them may differ, leading to inaccurate quotes. In has developed a unique online tool for household goods survey that produces accurate volumes to provide accurate quotes. Moving companies that ask for advance payment during the quotation leave a bitter experience at your door and are a strict negative.

When it comes to price, you do not have to bother at all because we believe in offering quality service for the price you pay us. From moving heavy and fragile items with utmost care to providing you with the best warehouse services in case you need to store your belongings at a safe place for a stretch of time before the actual moving date, you can access our personalised services at extremely affordable rates. Also, in order to help you access our warehouse service, we charge you a fixed amount on a rental basis.

Another factor that worries most of our customers is safety. We guarantee safe delivery of all your possessions including the ones that are very fragile, awkwardly large, or expensive. All your items are safely packed in the right size environment-friendly boxes and delivered as per your requirements within the specified moving date. Also, on all those occasions when the day you are supposed to leave your current residence and the day you have to move into your new place do not match, we provide you with our clean and well-equipped warehouse facilities where you can store your belongings for the time being.

So please do not worry if you have already started planning your next move because you have got our back!