Our Company

The services offered by packers and movers have been existent for a really long time now. In order to make your moving experience easy and convenient, they have always come forward with manpower and basic tools. However, with the advent of technology and new business strategies, Parizaad has come up with a bunch of innovative approaches to packing and moving. We believe in offering completely personalized service to our customers and at the same time, we intend to treat our representatives and laborers differently. We strongly agree that our representatives are humans and that is the reason why they deserve proper care, grooming, and benefits from our end. Our representatives are smartly dressed and can access some advanced tools and machines to carry all kinds of items including the ones that are heavy and fragile. When you plan to relocate, they help you arrange, pack and move your belongings throughout the time. They also acknowledge the memories attached to each of your belongings and thus they ensure the shipment of all your possessions in customized shipping boxes to avoid any kind of external or internal damage. Another interesting aspect thatParizaad tries to take into consideration is the Vasthu of your new home. It may not be possible for you to know where you are supposed to arrange your furniture or how you should ideally design your Puja room in your new place. Our representatives will be there to guide you through this so that you have no complaints or grievances later with your new place of residence. We try to give a personal touch to your office relocation too.

We believe in providing smart services to our customers andpaying attention to our employees’ growth, safety, and wellbeing at the same time. It is this balance we constantly try to strike between our employees and clients that makes us the smartest packers and movers in India.