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Why should shifting be a hasslewhen Parizaadis here to pack your worries away? However, in order to ensure a safe relocation, what is of supreme importance is to plan it in advance, in fact, ideally a month before you move. Since the span between March and July is considered the “Peak Season” pertaining to the beginning of a new academic and financial year, it is recommended that one should prepone all his moving arrangements,

if necessary, with Packers and Movers if he aspires to move during this season. Relocation is not a one-day affair, it’s a commitment for a lengthy period of time that requires proper planning, manpower, and countless checklists. Parizaad can guarantee a safe relocation and relieve you from endless packing and moving responsibilities only if you provide us with that significant amount of time to plan and prepare.

You may find yourself stuck in some of the rarest situations when the time you need to leave your current residence does not match the time when you are supposed to relocate to your future home/ office. How can that trouble be fixed especially if you have no clue how to go about it? Parizaad’s storage service option is there to help you out. Our professional packers can help you pack all your valuable belongings and store them in a safe warehouse at a very reasonable cost until you are fully ready to move to your new place. All your possessions will be safe with us in our indoor storage. Parizaad’s storage facilities are clean, reliable, and equipped with security cameras and digital alarm technology that ensure complete safety and protection. What adds a cherry on the cake is that you will be charged a fixed amount on rental basis.

You might worry about those precious items that are large, heavy, and fragile, and wonder how they can be safely packed and shifted. We implore you to not worry about that anymore because our efficient and experienced movers can pack everything with great finesse and expertise. We guarantee that none of your belongings will be damaged even a little bit as they will be packed in the right size recycled and environment-friendly moving boxes. We can also provide you with professional moving blankets and even custom-made crates as per your requirements. From heavy furniture to expensive paintings, we can move everything you want us to with adequate precautions and measures to avoid any form of damage.

So, if you are planning to shift and looking for a helping hand, Parizaad is just a call away!

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